Driver assistance system - Smart Handling

Everything under control even at maximum speed

Maximum payload, fully telescoped loading system, motor rpm at maximum - the Smart Handling overload protection system has the situation under control at all times. The intelligent driver assistance system prevents loads from reaching the overload range and the machine from tipping over in the longitudinal direction. On the other hand, it relieves the operator of many routine tasks, such as extending and retracting the telescopic boom, so that they can concentrate on the essential aspects of their work.

Bucket mode

When lowering the loading system, the telescopic arm is retracted automatically. In this way, the load is always guided as close as possible to the vehicle, and no dangerous situations arise even with maximum payloads. The bucket mode is suitable for loading bulk materials.


Stacking mode

When raising and lowering the loading system, the attachment is moved up and down in a vertical line, i.e. the telescopic arm automatically extends and retracts and the load is moved up and down in a straight line. This keeps the load in a safe position at all times and simplifies stacking work at great heights.

Manual mode

In manual mode, the machine does not perform any automatic movements of the loading system. Of course, the overload protection is still active and stops the loading system as soon as the overload limit is reached. At this point, only telescoping, lifting of the loading system and tipping of the attachment are possible.

Joystick Handling

The ergonomic joystick puts the entire machine under your control. With up to 17 functions, the most important tasks can be performed without letting go of the joystick or changing your grip. Models from KT306 to KT3610 have the joystick mounted on the cab console, while models in the KT457 to KT559 performance class have the joystick fixed directly to the operator's seat.

Smart Handling - easy mode selection

The mode can be changed using the three-position selector switch. Hold down on the left pushbutton switch to temporarily override the overload system.

  • Bucket mode
  • Stacking mode
  • Manual mode

Machines with Smart Handling function