The Kramer telehandler KT407 while loading and stacking materials.


A1 Total length 4,880 mm
A2 Total length with bucket 5,600 mm
B1 Total width without bucket 2,285 mm
C1 Front track: rear 1,880 mm
D3 Gesamthöhe niedrige Kabine 2,310 mm
D4 Gesamthöhe hohe Kabine 2,490 mm
D5 Gesamthöhe mit Rundumkennleuchte niedrige Kabine 2,540 mm
D6 Gesamthöhe mit Rundumkennleuchte hohe Kabine 2,720 mm
E1 Cab width 990 mm
F1 Wheel base center 2,850 mm
G1 Ground clearance under axle and transmission, wading depth 415 mm
H1 Distance center rear wheel to rear 740 mm
I1 Rear approach angle (slope angle) 60 °
J1 Dumping angle 49 °
J2 Dumping angle 41 °
K1 Load-over height: retracted 4,520 mm
K2 Load-over height: extended 6,820 mm
L1 Dumping height: retracted 4,030 mm
L2 Dumping height: extended 6,330 mm
M1 Dumping width: extended 110 mm
N1 Tele extension length: retracted 5,255 mm
N2 Tele extension length: extended 7,820 mm
O1 Total height telescopic arm mounting in frame 1,600 mm
P1 Distance center front wheel to bucket leading edge 1,920 mm
P2 Distance center front wheel bearing quick change frame 1,200 mm
Q1 Bucket pivot point: retracted 5,035 mm
Q2 Bucket pivot point: extended 7,335 mm
R1 Turning radius outer edge wheels 3,840 mm
R2 Turning radius outer edge bucket 5,000 mm
S1 Entry height cab floor 720 mm