A rendering of the Kramer wheel loader KL41.8 made in a studio.

Technical Data

Drive output  55.4 kW
Drive output  75 PS
Displacement  2,925 cm³
Engine manufacturer Deutz
Exhaust standard level  V
Exhaust after-treatment  DOC / DPF
Bucket content (standard bucket) 1.05 m³
Payload (max.) 2,050 kg
Operating weight 4,900 - 5,600 kg
Payload (S=1.25) 2,500 kg
Tipping load (standard bucket) 4,100 kg
Tipping load (pallet fork) 3,125 kg
Tank capacity for fuel 120 l
Tank capacity for hydraulic oil 64 l
Travel speed Standard 0-20 km/h
Travel speed Option 1 0-30 km/h
Travel speed Option 2 0-40 km/h
Work hydraulics discharge volume (max.) 83 l/min
Work hydraulics working pressure (max.) 240 bar
Steering angle max. 40 degree
Guaranteed sound power level LwA 101 dB(A)
Measured sound power level LwA 100.4 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at the operator's ear             77 dB(A)
Kinematics type P
  • Vibrations (Uncertainties of measurement as specified in ISO/TR 25398:2006. Please instruct or inform the operator of possible dangers caused by vibrations.): Vibration total value of the upper extremities of the body in m/s² < 2.5 m/s² (< 8.2 feet/s²) and maximum weighted average effective value of acceleration for the body in m/s² < 0.5 m/s² (< 1.64 feet/s²) (on flat and solid ground with the corresponding driving style) and 1.28 m/s² (4.19 feet/s²) (Application in extraction under harsh environmental conditions).