Kramer machines for the construction industry

Construction industry

5 series wheel and telescopic wheel loaders

  • The wheel loaders of the compact series are ideal for low clearance heights, narrow passages as well as quick traversing by means of a car trailer and thus become irreplaceable companions in road construction and civil engineering as well as in building construction.
  • The compact wheel loaders of the 5-series are ideal for use as all-rounders - whether with a sweeper, a compactor or a soil tillage implement. 

Construction industry

8 series wheel and telescopic wheel loaders

  • As high-performance wheel loaders, the 8-series premium wheel loaders from the Kramer portfolio are ideally suited for transporting materials on large construction sites and for loading and unloading heavy transport chains and carriers.
  • Thanks to the proven undivided vehicle frame and their reach, these robust flagships in the construction industry impress with maximum stability, maneuverability and constant payload for heavy loads, even in confined spaces. 

Construction industry


  • You can rely on the telehandlers in terms of sturdiness and durability. They are the perfect machines when the going gets tough on the construction site. 
  • The cabs are designed to be extremely functional and include numerous features that make the telehandlers intuitive to operate and provide optimum driving comfort.

We are proud to have such a reliable partner at our side with Kramer.